Recapping Real Beer Week

Rochester’s Real Beer Week is officially over. Hopefully you all got out and enjoyed a few of the many events that were held around Rochester. It wasn’t hard for me to find something to do each night as some of my favorite Bars and Restaurants were putting something on almost every night. What I found more difficult was choosing! Trying to mix up my venues as well as my brews was my main plan, and lets not forget trying some good food while I was at it. Here are a few highlights from my beer week and a few tips to keep the good beer flowing.

rochester real beer

First and foremost: The Rochester Real Beer Expo! Though it is said to be the kick off of Real Beer week it is not the first event. You’ll want to plan ahead and get your tickets in advance however so they don’t sell out on you.

Next Step: DRINK!

But wait! Hold on there partner. Your biggest mistake at beer fests is going in guns blazing and just trying to down every sample that falls in line. Scope out the scene first, maybe even prior to the event, and see if there are a few you really want to try. Go to those first no matter where they are. This way you slow down, you’re sure to try what you want, and you might even remember what they taste like the next day.

Second Step: TALK.

Talk to the people around you, you have the opportunity to meet some of the coolest most interesting people at beer fests. Bring a business card if you have one because beer folk love to meet new friends and collaborate with the locals.

Thirdly: HAVE FUN!

You are at a beer fest after all.

After the Expo the sky is the limit. Like I said choosing which amazing sounding event is often the hardest part. This year I had a blast at Cans & Clams at Acme Bar & Pizza. Check out theCraftBeerGirl’s post on Craft Cans to see why cans are sure to be the new trend in craft beer. Other great events were at Johnney’s Irish Pub, L&M Lanes, The Stoneyard Bar & Grill in Brockport, The Old Toad, Tap & Mallet, Tap & Table and Donnelly’s Public House in Fairport.

I finished beer week off with the Real Beer 5K at lovin’ cup bistro & brews. I still think it’s cruel to have the 5K race and the end of a week of drinking craft beer but I ran it none the less. This year had a great turn out and it made the race a lot of fun. If this years increase in runners is any indication of a trend I recommend preregistering next year if you want to run. There were a lot who registered the day of and missed out on some of the sweet swag because there wasn’t enough to go around.

Once the week is over you may, like some, be “beered out”. Understandable. No judgments will be passed if you decide to take a break from beer and try one of your favorite cocktails or glasses of wine, or even venture off to that strange drink called water, but don’t forget about beer altogether because there is still amazing craft beer being tapped as we speak, craft beer week or not.


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