DIY Herb Garden

Herb GardenYou’ve all seen them, the DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden. Sick of going to the grocery store every time I need cilantro, just to find out they’re out, I decided to grow my own. I’ve seen all the DIYs on Pinterest and I decided to try my own. Turns out, it’s super simple! All you need is a piece of Scrap Wood, Mason Jars, Hose Clamps, Stones, and the Herbs of your choice. To assemble you’ll need a screw driver and a staple gun. Some other helpful items are a pencil, a ruler, screws, wire cutters, and wall mounting hardware.


-Take your piece of scrap wood and place your mason jars on the board to line up where you want them. Mark their place with a pencil. Place an X with your pencil where you will be attaching your metal hose clamps. Use your ruler if you want to make sure your marks are relatively the same distance from the edge of your board. -Once you’re sure they are where you want them use your staple gun and staple the hose clamps to the board, stapling through the perforated part of the band. (You will want the hose clamp to be loose so that you can slide your mason jar in from the bottom once you have planted the herbs. Then you will be tightening down the clamps with the screw driver. Do a test one of these so you can be sure that the part of the clamp that you place the screw in will be on the right side of the jar, not too close yet not too far, form the board.) You may want to reenforce the staples with a screw, especially if you are like me and used an old piece of wood. The jars will become much heavier once you have your plants in them and you want to be sure they will hold.-Next, place loose stones of some kind in the bottom of each of your jars. I had some glass stones already on hand so I used those. This will create some room for drainage, since there are no holes in the bottoms of your jars, it leaves somewhere for any extra water to go so you are less likely to over water your herbs. Transplant your herbs into your jars being as careful as you can to keep as much of the root structure intact and undisturbed as possible. This may be tough given the small opening in the jars but if you are gentle you should be fine. -Feed your already planted mason jars bottom first through the top of each hose clamp and tighten them down around the neck of the jar. -Now you can customize however you want. Once you’ve tightened your clamps you will have some extra perforated metal. You can clip this off with wire cutters but if you do this remember you wont be able to loosed the wires again to get the jars out. I happened to have a few cute chalkboard clips that i clipped right onto the extra metal and used them to mark which herbs were which. Now you can mount this anywhere in your house on a wall that will see some sunlight throughout the day. -After that just water and enjoy your new fresh herbs!

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