Whole30: Day 8

“Hoorah!” One week down and feeling great! I have completed my first seven days of Whole30 and am amazed at how easy it has been. Now before I continue let me remind you that I have been on a roughly Whole30/Paleo diet since June 1st so some of the initial struggles that occur during the first week of Whole30 have not effected me. I did notice my boyfriend Oz, who has so far stuck to the Whole30 100%, started going through the classic signs of sugar “withdrawal” on Day 3. He had no energy, felt sluggish, irritable and was downright cranky. To sum up, he was a “Grump-osaurus Rex”. But it passed relatively quickly and by the end of the week he was in much better spirits.

As far as I’m concerned, I have been experiencing boundless energy. I am out of bed by 8am and most days include walking the dog, kayaking or going for a run, at home strength training exercises, cooking three meals a day, a few hours for other hobbies like gardening, reading and knitting. All before I go into work for an eight hour shift, where I bartend until 2am, and manage to have endless energy to work and socialize before going home to bed. Seems impossible right? I feel like Super Woman. And the best part, it all comes with a clearer head, better attention span, more confidence and an overall happy feeling, 24/7. If that’s not a ringing endorsement I don’t know what is. If you’ve started Whole30 and you don’t feel this yet, stick with it. It will come, I promise.

Okay, now that I have made it seem like pure sunshine and rainbows, let me mention a few of my struggles, though they are just that, few.

I find myself stressing about cheating on Whole30. Not in the sense that I want to cheat, infact exactly the opposite. I’m so concerned that I might accidentally cheat that it’s stressing me out. I don’t have to even be eating anything to feel it. I’ll just be standing there thinking about a scenario where I accidentally pick up and drink someone else’s beer that is sitting next to me (as if I’ve ever done that). And I’ve already had one slip up. I had the cook at the restaurant where I work make me some grilled chicken, I told him the things I couldn’t have, I asked all the right questions. Even after he sprayed my chicken with vegetable oil and I had to have him make me a new piece, he assured me that the oil he was using was Canola and Olive only. I found out two days later that in fact it was a blend that also contained soy. “Ugh!!”

I have also been struggling with this whole, no dessert thing (even Whole30 desserts). I have always loved to bake and make dessert, sometimes even more than I like eating the things themselves. I bought some things to make a Vegan Whole30 dessert to bring to a friend’s gathering but then the event was cancelled. I’ve been on the fence as to whether or not I should still make the dessert. Whole30 rules say no dessert, even if the ingredients are Whole30. It got me wondering, what if I don’t eat the dessert after dinner, but rather around breakfast or lunchtime. Is it still considered dessert? Unfortunately I feel I have to go with the rule of thumb: if it looks like dessert and tastes like dessert… It must be dessert. “Humpf”

Later today will be my first real major test of will power. It’s the date of the annual “Tikipalooza”, a tiki inspired festival that friends of ours put on every year filled with endless amounts of tropical tiki drinks, smoked and barbequed meats and lots of non compliant side dishes and desserts. I am arming myself with a few Whole30 dishes to pass, a pack of seltzer waters and a full belly. With any luck I can avoid the endless questions of “Why are you not drinking?” and “What’s this weird diet you’re on?”.

Wish me luck.

Now, here are some photos of some of the meals I enjoyed this week.

On to Week Two!

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