Whole30: Day 26

Day 26, almost there! I feel fantastic, I look fantastic. I am eager to get on the scale and see how much weight I have lost but I am also so happy with how I look that I don’t care what the number says. I am almost positive I have weighed less in my adult life at some point than I do now, but I have never felt this confident.

But enough about the outward stuff. I feel great. I continue to have boundless energy. I haven’t been having the back aches and pains I’m used to having. No bloating or stomach pain. In the past, when I would wear form fitting clothes, they would fit great when I hadn’t had much to eat that day, but as soon as I went out and had a drink or dinner I would bloat and feel uncomfortable. I’d have to loosen a notch on my belt or hide my stomach for the rest of the night under some article of clothing. Now I eat three full meals a day and my stomach stays the same size.

I really believe there is something to the three meals a day that is so important in Whole30. I think a lot of people focus on the food aspect, what they’re eating and what they can’t eat, but less on how much they are eating and when. My daily food routine used to be, wake up late, have a giant four shot of espresso coffee drink that would take me most of the afternoon to drink, maybe eat my first meal around 2 or 3 pm then start getting ready for work at the Restaurant (feel exhausted on the drive in) have the kitchen make me some food sometime around 9 or 10 pm, then pour myself a beer to keep me going until 2 am. If I were to keep that same basic routine and just change my coffee to black, and my two sad meals a day to Whole30 meals, I wouldn’t be getting the full benefits of the program. By waking up early, making myself a full breakfast and having a small amount of coffee (I fill a large cup with ice and 3/4 water and top it off with cold brew so it feels like a big coffee), I am hungry for my second meal around 1 and dinner around 6. I’m not tired on my way into work, and I usually don’t feel the desire to eat a thing throughout my shift unless I bring a small snack to give myself a little extra fuel around 9 or 10 on busy nights. That is the part that is so drastically different than any diet I’ve been on before. In the past I’ve been more concerned with how many calories I’m consuming that I go most of the day without eating, then justify poor food choices later in the day because I haven’t had much to eat. I’m then left tired, weak and unmotivated. I’ll end up with headaches from what I assume is low blood sugar and back pain from poor posture and exhaustion.

Now that I have less than a week of my Whole30 month I have been reading up on the reintroduction process. I want to take this part very seriously. After all, the whole point of me doing the official Whole30 was to get to this point and really see how each food group affects me. Now, for me, the idea of having another 10 days (or more) of Whole30 doesn’t scare me at all. I won’t lie I am looking forward to a beer, which won’t happen until the end of reintroduction (and I’m pretty bummed about that), but other than that I’m not missing much. But what is making it difficult is the number of people who seem excited to take me out for a drink or non Whole30 food as soon as I hit Day 31. It’s like suddenly all of my friends have a desire to watch me eat cheesecake (what’s up with that?). I’m having to constantly explain, “slow down”, I can go off diet but only on one thing and then it’s back to Whole30. I’ve been proud of how social I have managed to be on Whole30 but I’m beginning to think that I may have to be a bit more of a shut in during the reintroduction period so as not to be influenced by people trying to take me off diet too fast.

Here are some of the meals I’ve had over the past few days…


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