Whole30: Reintroduction

I am on my final Reintroduction day after Whole30. I decided to the quick reintroduction over the coarse of two weeks, directly after my Whole30 month and I have to say it has been a lot harder than doing the actual Whole30. During reintroduction you have to be just as disciplined as Whole30 all while specifically introducing foods periodically, whether you want them or not, knowing that they will make you feel a least a little crappy. Its basically being on Whole30 for another half of a month without the benefit of feeling fantastic. Plus all the cravings that I felt so good about curbing are back ten fold. My sugar dragon is back with a vengeance. That being said I am glad I did it, after all that was what this was all about, testing exactly how each food made me feel, and I have to say I was very surprised by the results.

Day 1-3: Alcohol (Grain Free)
On Day 1, as you might have read in my earlier post, I introduced red wine and hard cider. It was wonderful feeling like a real human who can have a glass of wine with dinner. On Day 2 I felt fine. I definitely didn’t drink enough to get a hangover (didn’t need to given that I felt tipsy after one glass) so all of Day 2 was pretty normal for me. Day 3 however I had noticeably less energy. Although I still managed to do my daily workout I was far less motivated and I found that I was very tired tired closing down the bar for work that night.


Day 4-6: Gluten Free Grain
Day 4 I incorporated Gluten free grains. For the morning I made myself Carrot Cake Muffins using Gluten Free Oats. I did add some sugar into the frosting that I drizzled over the top but other than that the recipe was Whole30. I have to say just the tiny bit of sugar from the frosting was like crack. I had a really hard time keeping myself from piping the rest of the frosting directly into my mouth, as well as a hard time not eating the entire batch of muffins. Note to self: I have an issue with sugar. About 30 minutes after eating two muffins that I had with my coffee I got a dull headache that lasted until lunch.
For lunch I went to a great local Vegan restaurant, Red Fern, where I had a fantastic Kale Quinoa Salad and a Honey Vinaigrette dressing and a glass of Strawberry Basil Kombucha. Leaving there I felt almost drunk from what I thought was probably a spike in my insulin and glucose levels (I still don’t exactly get the science behind it all). I had ordered myself a Buddha Bowl to go that I could eat for dinner at work. This included beets, avocado puree, brown rice, pickled carrots and cabbage, sauteed kale and a ginger tamari sauce. This was another fantastic meal but about an hour after eating (8pm) I felt tired and run down and my headache was back. Days 5 and 6 I felt tired in the mornings but was fine once I got myself moving. I also felt myself being a bit more impatient then usual with I have equated to sugar withdrawl.

Day 7-9: Gluten Grains and Beer
On Day 7 I had an Oktoberfest event to go to. Breakfast at home was totally Whole30, given the fact that I no longer have any gluten in the house, but afterwards I headed to the bar for Oktoberfest where I had a giant soft pretzel with mustard, German Bratwurst (in a roll) and a few German Oktoberfest beers. For dinner I went back to Red Fern where I got myself another Buddha Bowl, this time with Vegan Seitan (made from Gluten) and a Vegan Brownie Sundae for dessert (also containing gluten). Other than feeling a little extra full and distended I felt pretty normal after my gluten meals. On days 8 and 9 I again felt slightly less energized and motivated and the sugar dragon was whispering (ok, screaming) in my ear that I needed dessert. I made myself some warm dates with sea salt because I couldn’t entirely fend him off and I found myself wanting to continue to snack late into the night even though I wasn’t hungry.

Day 10-12: Dairy


I was nervous for Dairy Day. I have always suspected that I had issues with Dairy and I figured my symptoms would be amplified once I had cut them out completely for nearly a month in a half. I had lunch plans with friends from work to go to a local Polish Restaurant called Polska Chata where I had an amazing meal. I started with Bacon wrapped Cheese Perogies with sour cream (cheated on the gluten here). Then two large potato pancakes with more sour cream and beef stew. And then we had dessert cheese Perogies with, you guessed it, even more sour cream. And as if that wasn’t enough we went to Hedonist Ice Cream for second dessert, where I had Salted Caramel Ice Cream with toasted coconut on top. Yum! For dinner I had a Caesar Salad and the left over dessert perogies that we deep fried, coated in cinnamon sugar and served with fresh whipped cream. HELP! The Sugar Dragon has a hold of me and he wont let go!!!
The next morning I woke up feeling hung over and completely unmotivated to work out. I felt alright during the day but by the time I was ready to drive into work I was in desperate need of a nap. I was tired all night and had very little patience for customers. The following day wasn’t much different. Although I did manage to get myself out for a run, I didn’t do the rest of my exercises and I was tired all evening. Despite being tired however, I stayed up late snacking on dates and almonds even though I wasn’t hungry. Ugh! So not the best version of myself.

Day 13-15: Legumes

Day 13 I woke up feeling much better and was able to get myself up and motivated to get things done. I went out for a Soy Latte from Starbucks (which I have not had since May). It was such a treat. After running some errands I came home, worked out and went for a run. Then for lunch I made myself some Peanut Butter, Apple, Bacon, Sweet Potato Sliders which were amazing! I am definitely going to be adding those to the blog. And of course you can make them Whole30 easily by just subbing the peanut butter out for your favorite nut butter (mine is Pecan Date Butter). For dinner I went out for a burrito bowl. Black beans, chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion, jalapeno, salsa, guacamole… What’s not to love there. And for dessert (Just call me Brittney because Oops, I did it again), I had some dairy free chocolate sorbet with crushed peanuts.
These two days after Legume Day I’ve felt much more like myself (my Whole30 self). I’m back to working out and have more energy. I’m definitely feeling like I’m most effected by the Dairy, Gluten and Alcohol, and the sugar that goes along with them… So pretty much everything. Perfect. But it’s interesting to see that they effect me in different ways than I would have thought. They seem to hit me hardest two days after eating them in the form of depression and sluggishness. I suspect they would effect me more immediately if I brought them back into my diet more and combined more than one non compliant food. For example, I might not feel so hot immediately after a big bowl of Mac and Cheese.

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